How Much Does it Cost to Start a Poultry Farm in India

What is the Broiler Poultry Farm Setup Cost in India: As compared to all the other livestock production, broiler poultry farming requires less investment. Since Advantages of Broiler Poultry Farm are many, now it is a booming business in India. Now, most of the people are trying to get into this business which is providing a lot of profit opportunities.

In the last article, we have provided information regarding, How To Start Broiler Poultry Farm in India. Most of them don’t know other aspects. For example, How much does it cost to start a poultry farm, How much money can you make chicken farming, chicken farming profit are the common questions that arise in everyone’s mind? We have provided all the information for most of the queries that arise in every startup entrepreneur’s mind.

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Expenditure for Establishment Broiler Poultry Farm:

It is better to start poultry business with 500 birds. The duration will be 40-45 days for marketing. For starting a business with 500 birds, you require 550 sq.ft area. Calculate the total cost of the area which depends on the locality.

Cost of Broiler Poultry Farm Shed:
  • For an area of 550 sq.ft, it costs Rs. 82,500 (Rs.150 per sq.ft) approximately.
  • However, the total cost of the broiler shed is a one-time investment.
  • Various types of poultry sheds are constructed based on the environmental conditions of the area.
  • Furthermore, costs of various poultry sheds are given in the below table.
Sl.No.Build typeCost ( per sq.ft.)
01Flawless finish litter systemRs. 99
02Steel Prefab mess
h type
Rs. 280
03Stell pannel typeRs. 210
04Cage typeRs. 140
05HDPE fabricated litter systemRs. 110
Cost of Broiler Chicks:
  • All types of bird breeds are available in the market at one day age.
  • For Vencobb breeds, It is around Rs. 40 per bird, then for 500 birds, it will be Rs. 20, 000/-.
  • Cost of various broiler breed chicks is in the below table.
Sl.No.Broiler Chicken breedCost
(in Rupees per chick)
02Amrit cobb 400 Y40
04Cobb 400 55
06Uttam 60524
07Vencobb 430 Y52
Cost of Feed in Broiler Poultry Farm:
  • To attain a body weight of 1.5-2 kg, the birds take 3-5 kg feed for 45 days, then for 500 birds, you require 2.0 quintals of feed.
  • The average cost of three types of feed is Rs.20 per kg, then for 2000kg feed, the cost will be 2000*20 is equal to Rs. 40000.
  • Also, cost of various types of feed used in broiler poultry farm varies and mentioned in the below table.
Sl.No.Feed typePrice for 50kg pack
01Pre-StarterRs. 1,550
02StarterRs. 2,500
03FinisherRs. 1,250
Labour Cost:
  • On an average, you require 2 labours for maintaining the poultry farm with 500 birds. While for each labour, daily wage is around Rs. 150. However, it does vary in different regions in India.
  • Furthermore, for one-day, labour cost is around Rs. 300, then for 45 days, it ranges between Rs. 13,000 to Rs. 15,000.

Broiler Poultry Farm Setup Cost

Broiler Poultry Farm Setup Cost in India
Others Costs in Broiler Poultry Farming:
  • This includes the incidental expenses like vaccination, water management, electricity, marketing cost etc. You can take these expenses as Rs.10 per bird, then for 500 birds, it is Rs. 5000/-.
  • Furthermore, if you consider mortality as 3%, the cost of such expenses will be Rs. 4500.
Costs and expenditure for establishment of a Broiler poultry farm in India is in the table below (Approximate values)
Sl.No.Expenditure incurredAmount (Rs.)
01Cost of chicks
(Rs. 40 per bird)
02Cost of feed
(For 2,000kg)
03Cost of shed
(for 550 sq.ft)
04Labor cost13,500
05other incidental expenses
(rs10 per bird)

Income Returns in Broiler Poultry Farming Business:

If you take 1kg of chicken, it is around Rs. 100 to Rs.120 per kg. Each bird will gain a weight of 1.5 to 2 kg. Then for each bird, the market value will be Rs.200 – Rs.220. While for 500 birds, if you sell a bird at Rs. 250, you can earn an income of Rs. 1.25 lakh.

01Selling price of birds
( Rs.250 per bird)


Costs and profits however also depend upon broiler poultry farm management, quantity and quality of the feed provided. It also depends on disease management, vaccinations and other factors. We hope that this guide on How Much Does it Cost to Start a Poultry Farm in India/ Cost of Poultry Farming in India is helpful to you. You can share this Broiler Poultry Farm Setup Cost Guide with your friends.

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