How to Get Profits on Beekeeping in India | Profits in Commercial Beekeeping

Profits in Commercial Beekeeping: Apiculture is the other name of Beekeeping. Most of the people are asking about How to Get Profits in Beekeeping in India. We are writing this article by the interest of those Beekeeping Farmers. Bee-keeping is simple and easy to start and it gives more profit within a short span of time. We are going to provide you with a proper information about the Bee-keeping or Apiculture in India. If you like the information given below please like and share it with your friends and others too. Read the following article for more information on Cost and Profits of Beekeeping/Apiculture in India. Read to know How To Start Beekeeping at Low Cost and Investment. Beekeeping Profits Income.

Beekeeping Profits Income:

NOTE: This article is regarding the Indian Currency in Rupees. The following information is on Commercial Beekeeping Profits. Before knowing about Profits, you have to know Cost and Investment in Beekeeping. Honeybee Farming income in India.

  • While coming to Profits in Beekeeping you have to know about the Current Market Price of Honey in India.
  • Present Market Price and Market Value of Honey in India is about 140 rupees. The Cost Varies from Brand to Brand.  Beekeeping profitable money maker. Beekeeping Profits Income.
  • The Yield of Honey in Beekeeping is about 40 kg per box.
  • Even if you sell for a Wholesale price of honey @ 120 per kg you can earn 40 X 120 = 4,800 rupees.
  • Furthermore, according to our Project Report on Beekeeping, we were given information of Starting Apiculture with 40 Bee Hives.
  • Price or Income from 40 Bee Hives you can get 40 X 4,800 = 1,92,000
  • In case if you add more 25 Bee Hives in which you can gain 700 rupees. Then 25 X 700= 17,500 rupees.
  • The Total Profits can be in One year is about 2,09,500 rupees.

This is all about the Profits of Beeking. The following table gives the whole information in short. Check the Table to know the Exact Market Value of Profits in Apiculture in India. Beekeeping Profits Income.

Beekeeping Profits Income

ParticularsCost in Rupees
Yield per Box X No. Hives X Price40 X 40 X 120 = 1,92,000
No. of new box X Price25 X 700 = 17,500
Total Profits in One Year2,09,500

This is all about the Profits and Income in Commercial Apiculture/Beekeeping in India. If there are any Fluctuations in the Market Price of Honey in India we will let you know as soon as possible. Still, if you are having any doubts you can ask your questions in the comments section.

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