Na Panta App

How Na Panta App Helping 50,000 Farmers with Agricultural Info

How Na Panta App Helping 50,000 Farmers with Agricultural Info: Farmers are the backbone of India. Since ages, India is an agricultural country. But in the recent past, there are very less favourable conditions for the farmers. In many parts of India, farmers are committing suicide, which is the worst part. Hence to counter this […]

Cocopeat for Seed Germination

How to Use Cocopeat For Seed Germination

How to Use Cocopeat for Seed Germination: For people who do not what is a Coco Peat, then let me tell you that it is a by-product made up of coconut fibres and is extracted from the coconut husk. The other names of Coco Peat are Coir Peat, Coir etc. It is environmentally friendly as […]

Duck Farming Problems

Problems and Constraints in Duck Farming in India

Constraints and Problems of Duck Farming in India: Duck farming is a good way to earn money in the rural as well as urban areas of Asian countries like India. Earlier we have provided a Guide on How to Start Duck Rearing in India for Beginners. We are coming up different topics on the Duck Farming […]

New Duck Farming Practices

New Duck Farming Practices and Research in India

New Duck Farming Practices and Research in India: The current article is exclusively on the new practices and research on duck farming. We will provide you with some insight on the new approaches towards duck rearing by various experts and scientists to improve and boost the Duck productivity by the following ways. Hence check the below Types of Duck Farming in India. […]

Popular Indian Chicken Recipes

List of Popular Indian Chicken Recipes For Beginners

List of Popular Indian Chicken Recipes: Chicken is the all-time meat dish of Indians and the many companies like the KFC are making gold from its demand. we are going to reveal the Easy Chicken Curry Recipes. If you are reading this in a hotel go ahead and order one of the dishes from the list without hesitation or else you will […]

Domestic Duck Breeds List

List of Popular Duck Breeds For Duck Farming in India

List of Best Duck Breeds For Your Small Farm: Are you looking for popular Domestic Duck Breeds List used for Duck Farming and its Selection and Performance. Then this article is exclusively written for you by meeting various scientists and assessing various statistics to provide you with the official information. Earlier we have provided information on Advantages and Disadvantages of Duck […]

Start Duck Farming
Duck Farming Advantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Duck Farming in India

Duck Farming Advantages and Disadvantages: Duck Farming is a developing business in India and despite its importance, most of the people fail to notice its true potency. Most of the people, even the new entrepreneurs and agriculture, veterinary graduates focus on the chicken farming, Milk production and doesn’t know much about the Duck farming but here we will […]