Top 10 Side Effects of Aloe Vera | Aloe Vera Juice Side Effects

Aloe Vera Juice Side Effects: In the recent past, there is a rise in the trend where people are taking Aloe Vera Juice. The main reason behind is the number of health advantages it has. Even doctors are recommending it since the Benefits of Aloe Vera are too many. However, there are also some side effects. Hence in this post, we will let you know the most important precautions to take so that you will not face any side effects of Aloe Vera Juice.

Aloe Vera Juice Side Effects

Top 10 Aloe Vera Juice Side Effects:

  • Excess intake of Aloe Vera juice Causes abdominal aches and diarrhoea. Its the most common side effect of having Aloe Vera Juice.
  • Excess consumption also causes dehydration. This is due to the presence of anthraquinone in the Aloe Vera.
  • Sometimes, it may be unfit to consume aloe latex that is made from aloe vera leaf. It causes fatal problems.
  • Drinking Aloe Vera juice can also decrease potassium levels in the human body. Potassium deficiency causes irregular heartbeat and weakness.
  • Due to the presence of excessive laxative properties in the juice, it causes loose motions and weakens the body.
  • Aloe vera also causes side effects of thyroid dysfunction, hepatitis and the abnormal rise of glucose levels in the blood.
  • Completely unsafe for pregnant and lactating women. Aloe Vera Juice Side Effects Pregnancy is high.
  • Excess consumption also affects kidneys.
  • It decreases the blood sugar levels.
  • Even though Aloe Vera is used to cure skin diseases, sometimes it may also cause skin infections. It causes the skin irritation. Avoid application of aloe to the cuts and wounds of the skin completely.
  • It causes allergic reactions to the specific type of skin tones.
  • While Aloe vera consumption regularly helps in weight loss. However, sometimes it may also lead to cancer like colorectal cancer.
  • It also acts as a carcinogenic agent in the human body which is highly dangerous.

Since Aloe Vera has the above side effects, we suggest you take it only under physicians dose. We hope that we have covered every aspect. We hope that you have got an idea of Aloe Vera Side Effects in hindi. Furthermore, you can have a look at the below link which will provide you information on Cow Milk Vs Buffalo Milk. This is also one of the important aspects to think about.

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