Problems in Aloe Vera Cultivation | Problems in Aloe Vera Farming in India

Aloe Vera Farming Problems in India: Aloe Vera cultivation or Farming is the process of growing Aloe Vera crops in an open cultivation land or field. Furthermore, Aloe Vera is having the huge demand in public throughout the world. Most of the doctor suggests Aloe Vera juice consume in our daily life. As it is capable to cure all types of diseases in human life. Aloe Vera is the plant which is widely used by the whole population in the world. Furthermore, Aloe Vera is the best business to start according to the Indian climate. Aloe Vera’s  products are best to cure all types of diseases.

How to Start Duck Farming in India

Earlier we have given information on the Aloe Vera Farming Profits. We hope that you have got good information there. You will not only face Aloe Vera Farming Benefits but also Aloe Vera Farming Problems. Hence before starting this business, you should know the problems in it. To let you know these problems, we have come up with this piece of information.

Aloe Vera Farming Problems

Aloe Vera Farming Problems |Problems In Aloe Vera Cultivation:

Click here to know Aloe Vera Cultivation in IndiaWhile coming to the production of Aloe Vera most of the farmers face some problems. We have given those problems in the below table.

Aspects | FeaturesProblems
InvestmentDue to lack of awareness farmers think it is highly cost.
LandPoor selection of area or location.
WaterMost of the farmers don't provide Drip Irrigation.
DiseasesFarmers are careless regarding Diseases.
LaborSome times high skilled labour are required.
PropagationFarmers don't follow the proper propagation and spacing while farming.
ClimateIf the rainfall is more then the crops get too wet and damage.
MarketingHeavy competition of large-scale farmers.
LoansDue to lack of awareness farmers don't utilise the loans and subsidies.

These are the major problems which are facing the Aloe Vera Farmers. Furthermore, if you are having any doubts you can comment your questions in the comment box. Check the below link to know about Aloe Vera Farming in India.

Loans and Subsidies in Aloe Vera Farming

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