Advantages and Disadvantages of Vermicompost

Vermicomposting Disadvantages in India: Vermicomposting is now a better option for the farmers. It is not only easy to prepare, but environmental benefits of vermicomposting are huge. Since Advantages of Vermicompost over Chemical Fertilizers is high, farmers are shifting towards it. There are many advantages of vermiculture than the disadvantages of vermicomposting. Hence scientists are suggesting this to the farmers. People might have a doubt regarding how does vermicomposting benefit environment. By the end of this article of Advantages of Vermicompost and Disadvantages of Vermicomposting, you will get to know the answer.

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Importance of Vermicompost | Significance of Vermicomposting:

As the green revolution has resulted in the over usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticide it resulted in the depletion of soil fertility status. It is said that the presence of earthworm indicates that the soil is fertile in condition.

Nowadays, the population of earthworm in the soil has gradually reduced the soil is converting from “live soil” to “dead soil” condition. Hence, here comes the practice of artificially rearing of earthworms in the natural condition to increase the soil condition.

Uses of Vermicomposting in India:   

The process of rearing earthworms which feed on agricultural waste and litters and release their faecal matter (vermicast or vermicompost) which is the source of nutrients for plants that supports them for growth is called vermicomposting or vermicast.

  • The name of vermicompost is  “Organic gold”.
  • Vermicompost has gained huge hope in the recent decades.
  • It creates employment opportunity in the rural area and an urban area, all are now fascinated towards terrace farming and home gardening where its application is more.

Vermicomposting Disadvantages

Vermicomposting Disadvantages and Advantages

Advantages Of Vermiculture | Scope of Vermiculture:

  • The main advantage of vermicompost is that recycling, reduce and reuse of the agricultural waste which is not hazardous to the environment.
  • It also controls pest population such as mealy bugs, aphids and spider mite by means of repulsion mechanism.
  • It is also rich in plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB) such as N-fixing bacteria and solubilizing bacteria that promotes the growth of plants.
  • They retain soil moisture and therefore it reduces the need for irrigation.
  • It enhances soil structure and soil texture and controls soil erosion
  • It is termed as organic fertilizer as it supplies the plant with all its essential nutrients. (N- 2-3%, K- 1.85-2.25% & P-1.55-2.25%).
  • The application of vermicompost also suppresses the weed growth.
  • It contains enzymes and hormones like auxins and gibberellins. These enzymes induce the germination of seeds and growth of seedling at a faster rate. Hence Vermicompost is popular as miracle plant growth promoter
  • Many pieces of research state that the fruit and vegetable remain fresh and tasty with the use of Vermicompost. This is not the case with the use of chemical fertilizer.
  • The flower that blooms is very big and colourful. Furthermore, in case of vegetable crops, the no. of fruits per plant is more.
  • It also reduces the incidence of diseases in the plants such as late blight in banana and also another soil-borne pathogen (verticillium and Rhizoctonia)
  •  It increases the population of earthworm in the soil.

Disadvantages of Vermicomposting | Drawbacks of Vermicompost: 

  • One of the primary Vermicomposting Disadvantages is the Cowdung. Since it is the bed for an earthworm to breed. Hence cow dung should be free of weed seeds and pathogens that affect earthworm.
  • You have to do this process of vermicompost in a proper shed. Since there is a risk of crows feeding on the earthworms.
  • Other predators like rat, pig, and termites also affect the earthworm population in the compost bed.
  • One has to maintain adequate moisture level. Otherwise, it creates water stress that earthworms could not tolerate and difficult for them to survive.
  • The compost beds should be free of plastics, glass pieces and stones that may hurt the earthworms.
  • If the compost bed is like a heap, then it increases the temperature and earthworm find difficult to survive.
  • Traditional method of harvesting vermicompost is time-consuming process than modern method
    The initial investment is high.

We really hope that the above article on Vermicomposting Disadvantages and Advantages is helpful to you. You can check the below link to know more about Vermicomposting in India.

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