Advantages and Disadvantages of Poly House Farming In India

What are the PolyHouse Farming Disadvantages and Advantages: Poly House is the process of growing plants in controlled conditions. Most of the people don’t know about Poly House. To the people who don’t know what is Poly House, then this information might be useful to them. Green House is another name of Poly House. Most of the Farmers prefer this Green House or Poly House at the beginning stage of Farming the Crops. In simple word, Poly House is the process of growing and protecting the crops in a good environment. Today we are going to provide information on Advantages and Disadvantages of Poly House.  Click here to know about Organic Terrace Gardening.

Advantages of Poly House | Benefits of Poly House:

Poly House is having so many advantages. So, most of the Farmers Prefer Poly Housing. The process which is conducted in Poly House is called Poly Housing.

  • Most of the Farmers choose Poly House for Organic Farming.
  • Here, we can protect plants from high sunlight.
  • Before cultivating the crops you can grow small plants in Poly House.
  • If you grow crops in Poly House you can gain more profits In Poly House.
  • The productivity of yield is more in Poly House.
  • Most of the Farmers grow Flowering and Vegetable Plants in Poly House.
  • The flowers can grow very well without getting affected by heavy Sunlight.
  • Even you can protect your crops from harmful Pests and Insects In the Poly House.
  • Even you can able to grow and produce yield in offseason.
  • Propagation of Ornamental Crops can be done easily in Poly house.
  • Poly House can provide the right Environmental Facilities to Crops in any season.
  • Furthermore, you increase more yield even about 5 to 10 times or more.
  • You can produce a better quality of foods in Poly House.
  • Reduction of Labour Cost.
  • No, need to apply more fertilizers.
  • furthermore, investment in Fertilizers will be low.
  • No, need to waste more water because it requires less water in Poly House.
  • We can produce Vegetables in all seasons.

These are the Advantages and Benefits of Poly House. Still, if you are having any doubts you can comment on the comment box. Click here to know about Urban Horticulture.

Polyhouse Farming Disadvantages

List of Polyhouse Farming Disadvantages | Drawbacks of Poly House:

While comparing to Advantages of Poly House there are only a few Drawbacks in Poly House. Now we are going to provide information on Disadvantages of Poly House.

  • Sometimes, the Cost of Poly House is more due to the demand of the market.
  • Lack of awareness among the Farmers on Poly House.
  • In summer due to heavy Sunlight, the top of the Poly House may get damage.
  • If you use low-quality equipment in Poly House then it may get tare in Monsoon Seasons.
  • If you apply more Fertilizers then the yield may decrease.
  • Sometimes, the Carbon dioxide levels are very low in Ploy House.
  • After applying Fertilizers you should not enter the Poly House for few hours due to lack of Oxygen and Fresh Air.
  • Drip Irrigation is not suitable for all the situations.
  • Lack of information and knowledge may lead to losses in Poly House to the Farmers.
  • Skilled labours are required in Poly House.
  • High Maintainance Cost in Poly House.

These are the Advantages and Polyhouse Farming Disadvantages. Still, if you are having any doubts about Benefits and Drawbacks of Poly House you can comment on the comment box. Click here to know about Modern Technology In Agriculture.

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  1. I am Madesh from Dharmapuri start poly house interested so some technical methods and ideas give me more income and higher profit in poly house farming. How to start poly house and session

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