Advantages and Disadvantages of Aloe Vera | Aloe Vera Side Effects

Aloe Vera Side Effects: Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant. Most of the ayurvedic medicines are made from Aloe vera plants. Aloe Vera is having a huge demand in India. Previously we have given the information regarding the Cultivation of Aloe Vera in India. Hence you can check that information if you want to start Aloe Vera Farming on your Farm. Here in this article of ours, we are going to provide information on the Benefits of Aloe Vera and other Aloe Vera Side Effects. People are always searching for how to use Aloe Vera for face or how to apply fresh Aloe Vera on hair. Hence we have come up with this information which will provide you information even on Aloe Vera for hair fall control.

Vitamins and Minerals in Aloe Vera | Aloe Vera Side Effects:

Some of the Vitamins are  A, B1, B2, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Niacin.

  • Vitamins: A, B1, B2 B3, B6, B12. Supplies body with energy. Strengthens the immune systemAmino Acids: Lysine, Threonine, Valine etc. “Building Blocks” of the body.  While they form antibodies to combat invading bacteria & viruses. Furthermore, repair tissues / carry oxygen throughout the body.
  • Minerals: Calcium, Iron, Potassium. Indispensable for the human metabolism. Building of blood, needed for growth of bones and teeth
  •  Enzymes: Oxidase, Catalase etc. Regulate intestinal activity. Assist in the breaking up of food elements.

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Advantages of Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is a medicinal plant. It is as many advantages as possible that you can never even imagine. Hence we have come up with some of the Benefits of Aloe Vera below.

  • It has Medical and Cosmetic Benefits.
  • Aloe Vera protects the skin from harmful bacteria.
  • Furthermore, Aloe Vera has its part in the preparation in a number of lotions, creams, gels and shampoos.
  • Aloe Vera is famous to stimulate tissues.
  • Furthermore, Aloe Vera is a boon for diabetic patients.
  • As for diet supplement or directly.
  • Absorb nutrients and neutralizing toxic and bad elements.
  • Control the stomach acids and maintain balance in the stomach.
  • Furthermore, improving the immune system.
  • Aloe Vera controls the acidity in the body.
  • While Aloe Vera helps in stopping hair fall.
  • Controls the motions or diarrhoea.
  • Well, avoid chewing gum that contains sorbitol in the intestine.
  • Various skin diseases can be reduced by the aloe vera.
  • It plays an important role in gerontology and rejuvenation.
  • Aloe Vera is full of medicinal properties.
  • All Types of wounds can be curable by the applying aloe vera.

Aloe Vera Side Effects

Disadvantages of Aloe vera | Side Effects of Patanjali Aloe Vera Juice:

Well, while comparing to advantage the disadvantages are very few and they are below.

  • Aloe vera tastes bitter.
  • It is so gelly and unable to carry properly.
  • Furthermore, it is having some side effects like a headache, stomach pain, vomiting.
  • Aloe vera juice is so bitter and may commit to vomit.
  • It is not so easy to cultivate.
  • It cannot grow in all climatic conditions.
  • While some people might have some Allergic reactions.
  • Aloe Vera decreases the sugar levels in the body.
  • The response is slow and slowly curable.

Well, these are the advantages and disadvantages Aloe Vera. Furthermore, if you are having any doubts you can comment your questions in the comment box. While check the below link to know more about the Aloe Vera Farming in India.

How to Start Aloe Vera Farming in India

2 thoughts on “Advantages and Disadvantages of Aloe Vera | Aloe Vera Side Effects

  1. Hi Syed…..the article is very helpful.Thanks.You have not mentioned,the yield per year or when it has to be harvested.After plantation,as baby plants, how long does it take to cut them and where should one get the soil tested,is it in a laboratory or agriculture university,Regards…..BG

    1. Thanks, Shreedhar for your valuable question. Aloe Vera cultivation is mainly done in the Dryland areas. Soil testing can be done in any Soil Testing Laboratories related to Govt. Even you can test the soil in any Agriculture Universities. While coming to yield and harvesting the average yield per acre is 15 tonnes. To buy the seedlings of the Aloe Vera get the information from KVK. Even you can buy them from any local nurseries regarding your selection of variety. You can check this link.
      Maximum try to cultivate them after rainy seasons. After sowing the crops the first yield will come after 1 year. During Harvest, dont pluck the crops make your labor to cut with a knife for the better yield and better propagation in the future. After the first yield, you can go to the second harvest for every 6 months. Like this, you can harvest for every 6 months up to 4 years. Later you can remove the old crops and plant the new seedlings.
      Regarding the marketing check this link

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